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                    Humphrey Parbin === ?                Walter CLARKE === Anne
                                     |                                  |
                                     |                             __________
                             (1587)  |                             |        |
                 Richard WOLPH === Anne              Cybell === Morgan    John
                                |                            |
                     _______________________            ___________
                     |         |           |            |         |
            ? === Richard    Thomas    Zacharias      Thomas   Richard === Anne
               |                                                        |
    _________________________                                           |          == Phillips (d.)
    |      |       |        |                                           |        /     |
Richard  Arthur   ?(f)  Elizabeth === Edward Owen (d.)   ... === Richard CLARKE =   Jonathan
                                   |                                             \
                                 Arthur                                            == Anne Oslow (d.)
Another share of this ninth Pew on the South side of the North Aisle belongs to Wolph's tenement in Myddle. This is the Earl of Bridgwater's land, and is one of those which they call half tenements in Myddle. It was formerly held by the family of the Wolph's, which was an ancient family in this Parish. I could name many of them; but since I can say nothing memorable of them until I come to Richard Wolph, I will begin with him. He married Anne, the daughter of one Humphrey Parbin, of Myddle, Anno Domini, 1587. He had issue by her three sons -- Richard, Thomas, and Zacharias. This Zacharias was a blacksmith, and built a Smith's shop on the side of Myddle Hill, near the town's end, (where now Martin Chesheire dwells,) and there he died, and was never married. Thomas Wolph was a shoemaker in Ellesmere. ... Richard, the eldest son, was tenant of this small tenement, and had a lease under William, Earle of Derby. He had two sons, Richard and Arthur, and two daughters. Elizabeth was the youngest and I have forgot the name of the other. Richard was under cook to Richard Hunt, servant to Sir Richard Lea, of Langley. He went to London, and was there received into very good services. I met with him in London about forty years ago, and he took me to his Master's house, who was a Scottish Lord, and lived in Lincolne's Inne Square. He sent for his brother Arthur, and preferred him in service, but whether both or either of them be living, I know not. Elizabeth was married to one Edward Owen, a servant in Myddle. Arthur Owen, a tailor, who lives at Myddle town's end next the hill, is a son by that match. After the death of Edward Owen, she was married to one Richard Clarke, of whom there is many remarkable things to be spoken.