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Jeb Stories

Part of the tension comes from the anti-car thinking that's part of environmental consciousness.

  My brother hitch-hiked around when he was younger, but eventually he had to have his own vehicle. Then he set out to learn what he needed to maintain whatever vehicle he had at the moment. Over the years, Jeb went through a stream of old pickups, vans, small trucks, and even (gasp!) a few cars.

  Jeb called them "fastcars" because they went so much faster.

  Nearly everyone comes to the gatherings in a vehicle of some kind (generally an old one), and the distances within the gathering site are big, and supply-runs and shuttles are needed, so the brothers and sisters who know how to fix and run cars, trucks, buses, etc. have their work cut out for them. But the work they do, and the "road dogs" personally, are vastly underappreciated by most people.
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