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Jeb Stories

For many years Jeb camped by himself at the gatherings, steering clear of the A-camp except for friendly visits. He knew many of the A-campers from his years of life on the road.

  The last national gathering he was at (in New Mexico in 1995), when he got there he found a situation where A-campers were camped at the front gate, becoming the ones there to "welcome" rainbow family as they arrived. Jeb chose to park his own bus halfway down the road through the parking-lot, in a place where the A-campers were being encouraged to move, away from the front gate. This move drew his friends down from the gate and diffused what might have become an ugly scene. This sort of psychological jujitsu was one of Jeb's greatest pleasures.

  But I know he felt very uncomfortable about what had become his alcohol addiction, and he never went "home" to a national gathering again.
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