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Jeb Stories


My father became the strictest about alcohol. For at least a year before Jeb's death he campaigned in our family to get the rest of us to stop drinking alcohol entirely, so we could set a better example and maybe try to help Jeb without feeling like hypocrites.

  Alcoholism had been a problem both on my dad's side of the family, and on my mother's. But for Jeb, it was so much worse because he lived on the road. Over the years he accumulated a number of D.U.I. citations, and arrests for public intoxication. So far as I know, he was never involved in a collision with another vehicle, but he flipped his own vehicle at least twice.

  The second time this happened, in 1996, after he got out of the hospital he came back East, and he stayed with us in Philadelphia for awhile. However, his drinking was still a problem, and he pined for the open spaces out West. He left us late in 1996.

  I was the last in the family to see him, as he drove off from our house in West Philadelphia one morning.

  He stopped to see Roea, Pierre, and Emile in Louisville, KY, then he was detained in Austin, TX, for a few weeks, on his way out to New Mexico and Arizon. He was in New Mexico for most of the next year.
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