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Jeb might scoff at some of the websites linked below. Some of them he would disagree with. But he was friendly to the idea of getting ideas any way possible, and while he was here in Philadelphia, he spent at least a few hours on the web trying to get practical information relating to his own interests and concerns. It amazed me, actually, how little good information there was out there along these lines.

    Identity, for example, is a big hurdle for someone living on the road. So much of our identity is caught up in registrations and licenses, that someone with an arrest record and without a fixed address must live outside the law, in very important ways. There are millions of people like that in this country. How well are they served on the web?

More to follow...

Rainbow Family



Alcohol & Legalize Marijuana


Coyote Stories

Wherever he went, Jeb loved to storytelling with kids, and his own favorite stories were about the "Jalapeno Coyote." The stories always ended with the line, "Ooooooo, it's not hot  enough!"

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