A guide to T.B. Macaulay's History of England

Title Page and Contents
Chapter I.   Before the Restoration
Chapter II.  Under Charles the Second
Chapter III. State of England in 1685
Chapter IV.  James the Second
Chapter V.   The Monmouth Rebellion
A Picture of Macaulay
Notes on this Version
The Small Print

Using this guide

This guide to Macaulay's History of England uses the 'frames' function of the webbrowser. Each of the links on the left opens up a chapter and, if a specific passage is selected, brings the frame on the right (this part) to that place on the page. The text ahead of the paragraph with a asterix mark is meant to give enough context for the selected passage. In many cases, a selected passage also begins a longer story if you scroll down in the frame.

Within any one chapter, it's usually quicker to move by scrolling down and up, rather than by using the links in the guide. (The whole chapter reloads when you click on a guide link.) The links for footnotes, however, will move you quickly down to the footnotes, and back up to the relevant text.

Some passages in the frame on the left are abridged; a few are summaries. They at least give a sense of what the passage might be about, and simultaneously provide a link to the "original" text for full phrasing and context.

Use the links on the left to move to the Title Page and Contents, to any chapter, and to any part of the journal. The links below (and at the bottom of the Contents page) will take you "out" of the frames, to the rest of the Street Corner Society site.

The selected passages in the Guide have more to do with the interaction of religion and politics than does the text as a whole (although it is hardly possible to escape the theme). The special emphasis here is on the Quakers and other dissenting sects during the 1600s. Note, however, that Macaulay distinguishes between the political interests and experience of Puritans and Presbyterians, on one hand, and of the Quakers on the other.

Also in the menu to the left, at the bottom, are links to a modernist narrative of the same historical period, by Peter N. Williams, entitled "From Reformation to Restoration," which is served on the web by Britannia, a tour and travel guide to the British Isles.

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