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1997 Rainbow Family National Gathering

U.S. Forest Service Final Report

1997 Rainbow Family Gathering
Roles and Responsibilities of Ops (Res)
in the Administration of the Non-Commercial Group Use Permit

The Ochoco NF Forest Supervisor is the Administrator of "the permit" which allows the Rainbow Family to legally gather on the Big Summit Ranger District of the Ochoco NF.

The Central Oregon Interagency Management Team will assist the Forest Supervisor in the administration of "the permit".

The Ops Section Chief (Resources) will be responsible for monitoring and gaining compliance with those items pertaining to the natural resources in the Operating Plan as specified below:

Transportation and Parking


5. Ops will monitor the placement of the latrines in regards to deep, dry soils.
6. All except for hand washing requirements.
7. all
8. all
9. all

Site and Resource Concerns"
1. all
2. all
3. all
4. all
6. all


Ops (Res) Briefing Notes

1997 Rainbow Family Gathering

O/C - 071041 (in remarks put 375906 with override code 0627)

Work Hours
Moderate 0900 to 1900
High 0900-2000
Extreme 0800-2000

Duty Station -
Engine(s) - Big Summit RD (2 min. response time during duty hours)
Div/Grp sups - ICP

Dress -
Engine(s) - Nomex and boots
Div/Grp sups - Nomex and boots OR FS shirt with badge & name tag w/nomex pants and boots.

Fire Plan (review)

Checking In and out
Engine(s) - Check in with ''Rainbow ICP" when on duty and anytime when you are out of service during normal work hours. Also, anytime you change locations.
Div/Grp sups - Sign in and out at ICP. Notify ICP anytime you enter the gathering and again when exiting the gathering.

Div/Grp Sup Duties

1. Always enter gathering area in pairs, identifiable as FS employees, with radio communications.

2. Your duties are permit compliance MONITORING when not engaged in fire suppression activities.

3. Become very familiar with the Operating plan as you will be making regular trips into the gathering area to ensure that the resource concerns as specified in the plan are being complied with. You WILL NOT be making compliance contacts.

4. Note items that are not in compliance with the Operating Plan and report these items to the Ops SC (Res) at end of shift (see report info needs).

5. If you are unsure of an item, check with Resource Advisor or Ops SC (res).

6. Update "facilities'' map as you find new latrine sites, kitchens, etc.

7. Illegal acts reporting.

1997 Rainbow Family Gathering
Division/Group Supervisor Schedule
Friday 6/27 Sat 6/28 Sun 6/29 Mon 6/30 Tue 7/1
Hampton Hampton Bell Bell Bell
Magill Magill Barton Barton Barton
Wed 7/2 Thur 7/3 Fri 7/4 Sat 7/5 Sun 7/6
Hampton Hampton Hampton Bell Bell
Donham Donham Donham Donham Magill
Mon 7/7 Tue 7/8 Wed 7/9 Thur 7/10
Barton Barton Barton Bell
Magill Magill Donham Donham

Work Hours (tentatively) 0800 - 1800
Be advised that travel time from your home to ICP or ICP to home is not paid time (since this is not an emergency).

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