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1997 Rainbow Family National Gathering

U.S. Forest Service Final Report

Fire Suppression Plan
1997 Rainbow Family Gathering
Ochoco NF, Big Summit RD

It is the intent of this plan to identify the responsibilities of the Central Oregon Incident Management Team (COIMT) for fire suppression activities in and around the Rainbow Family Gathering area at Indian Prairie.

I. Initial Attack Staffing

IA staffing will be based on the "Staffing Class" adjective as provided by Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center (COIDC) daily.

"LOW": no initial attack (IA) staffing required.
"Moderate": one type 6 engine with 3 person crew and one Div/Grp Sup. Work hours will be 0900-1900 daily.
"High": two type 6 engines with 3 person crews and one Div/Grp Sup. Work hours will be 0900-2000 daily.
"Extreme": two type 6 engines with 3 person crews, one Div/Grp Sup. Work hours will be 0800-2000 daily.

II. Initial Attack Response Area and Access Routes

See attached map.

III. Detection

Pisgah Lookout will provide detection services for the event. Work hours will be determined by the Big Summit FMO and coordinated with Operations (Resources) of COIMT.

If the Lookout detects a fire in the IA Response Area, the fire will be reported to COIDC over "Ochoco 3" frequency (see IV below). COIDC will contact Rainbow ICP Dispatcher with the fire report information. Rainbow Dispatch will then dispatch IA resources assigned to the Rainbow Event to the fire using standard fire dispatching procedures.

IV. Radio Frequencies

Ochoco 3 - Rx 169.125 Tx 169.125 T-131.8
Ochoco 4 - Rx 169.125 TX 168.125 T-146.2
Command - Rx 168.075 TX 170.425
Tac 1 (fire) - Rx and TX 168.200

Rainbow Dispatch will use Command frequency to dispatch Rainbow Event IA resources to fires within the event area. Rainbow IA resources will monitor Ochoco 3, Command, and Tac 1. Once on the fire, Tac 1 will be the frequency used for fire suppression work unless otherwise instructed.

V. Fire Reporting Protocal (within event area)

Any fire reported in the event area shall be reported to Rainbow Dispatch (447-1040) and COIDC (416-6800) at earliest possible opportunity, either by radio through Ochoco frequency or by telephone. Ops Section Chief (OSC) will also be notified thru Command frequency (see IV above). Standard fire reporting procedures will be followed.

COIDC will notify Big Summit FMO of any fire activity within the Rainbow Event Area.

VI. IA Response to Fires (Event Resources)

IA resources will respond to any fire reported in the Event Area via shortest route. The Div/Grp Sup assigned to IA resources will lead the resources to the incident. Law Enforcement personnel may be requested to assist IA resources in getting to the incident. OSC will also respond to all fire reports within identified response area. All IA resources will use Red Lights and Sirens (if available) when responding to fires to provide for public safety.

VII. Response to Fires Outside of Response Area

Requests for Rainbow IA resources to respond to fires outside of the Response Area will be requested through OSC (resources). The need to "move up" Central Oregon Fire Mgmt Services (COFNS) resources to replace "event" resources will be decided on a case-by-case basis through discussions between OSC (resources) and COIDC.

VIII. Large Fire Contingency

A. Extended Attack. If a fire should exceed the capability of the Rainbow IA resources, additional resources will be requested through COIDC. Public safety concerns will be considered prior to ordering resources such as retardant drops.

Fires within the response area will remain under the control of the COIMT through initial and extended attack phases. If the fire cannot be contained within an 8 hour period of IA, the control of the fire will be given to the Forest.

B. Public Safety Considerations. Fires escaping IA will jeopardize public safety. Actions will be taken to clear the fire area of all non-qualified personnel. Law Enforcement personnel may be requested to assist in this endeavor. Safety Zones for civilian personnel are prairies and scab flats over 3 acres in size. Consolidation of civilians is desired. Civilian personnel SHOULD NOT flee the fire area in their vehicles as roads will become plugged and suppression resources will not be able to access the f ire area.

IX. Local Resources (Extended Attack Considerations)

Howie Timber Sale is in the vicinity of the Rainbow Family Gathering. Fire fighting resources such as a dozer and fire truck are available to assist in any firefighting effort. The protocol for obtaining the resources will be: 1) Notify COIDC; 2) COIDC will notify Big Summit RD--either Linda Collier or Pete Wacker; 3) Big Summit will notify the logger; and 4) Big Summit will notify Rainbow ICP of Estimated Time of Arrival of requested equipment.

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