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The Quaker WebRing links together sites with a Quaker (as in the Religious Society of Friends) interest. Sites joining the ring should be owned by people who are attenders or members at Quaker meetings. The themes of the sites could cover the Quaker movement, spirituality, peace issues, social action, history, Quaker businesses but always in the context of the Quaker movement.

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Created 05/16/1998
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Welcome to the Quaker WebRing

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Site Design

Sites on the Quaker WebRing are designed with differing levels of expertise Resources for Friends and others who are interested in website design, construction, and possible hosting arrangements: A few specific sites:


One expectation for membership on the WebRing is that sites be accessible from various computer platforms with any of the web-browser softwares that are commonly used. This is along the lines of the "Any Browser" campaign.

Of course we're not asking anyone to join the campaign, but site owners are urged to be very careful with their web-design software and any server arrangements that may tend to exclude some visitors while admitting others.

The "Viewable With Any Browser" site includes helpful information on: Most of these materials are 2-3 years old, but they're still quite useful, and the principles remain valid.

See also: Further discussion of these issues will be conducted, as needed, on the email list for Quaker WebRing site owners. If anyone knows of other relevant web-design resources that ought to be linked from this page, or if you find that a site on the WebRing is not accessible to you, please contact me.

Web-Ring Aspects

For those who are interested in learning more about web-rings in general, see:

WebRing Help Site for Managers and Members.

This is the entrance page, with a link at the bottom to a Yahoo Group accessible to members who've signed up with Yahoo.

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