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The Quaker WebRing links together sites with a Quaker (as in the Religious Society of Friends) interest. Sites joining the ring should be owned by people who are attenders or members at Quaker meetings. The themes of the sites could cover the Quaker movement, spirituality, peace issues, social action, history, Quaker businesses but always in the context of the Quaker movement.

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Created 05/16/1998
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Welcome to the Quaker WebRing

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Quakers on the Web

Quakers are various, and the Quaker WebRing shows only a few of the many different aspects of our religious society. Remember too that what you find at any site depends largely on the interests of those who maintain the website and the resources of the organization, if any, that's represented. As the WebRing grows, we hope it will continue to provide different representations of the Quaker experience, and that visitors and Friends will tour the ring to see the variety as well as to explore our commonalities.

The WebRing, of course, can't begin to have everything that might be learned about Quakerism via the web, so this page attempts to give some pointers for people who'd like to explore further.

General web resources

Here are some web-pages that may provide more information about Quakers, with links to other useful sites.
One of the oldest and still one of the most comprehensive links page for Quaker-related sites, Russ Nelson's site is deliberately nonsectarian and his server hosts a variety of Quaker groups.

Quaker Electronic Archive
Founded in 1994 and thus the first general-purpose Quaker site on the Internet, this site has Quaker writings and other documents such as minutes and resource guides.

Quaker Resources on the Web
Bill Samuel's listing of a range of resources on the Web, with emphasis on Christian renewal among Friends.

Quaker Information Center
Information about the Society of Friends, and referrals -- mainly off-line -- for volunteer opportunities, events, and organizational connections.

Quakers and the Arts Historical Scrapbook
Esther Murer's scrapbook of quotes and sources relating to Quakerism and the Arts, 1600s to present.

Famous Quakers
Jenny Steel's pages on famous Quakers, including scientists, industrialists, actors, entertainers, and politicians.

The Quaker Writings Homepage.
Dedicated to presenting and renewing the Christian testimony of the Society of Friends. Maintained by Peter Sippel

Online Texts at Quaker Heritage Press
Historical Quaker texts (pre-1900) including some that are also available in reprint editions. Maintained by Larry and Licia Kuenning.

Quaker Organization - In Brief

Friends are grouped locally in Monthly Meetings, and regionally in so-called Yearly Meetings. The words "Monthly" and "Yearly" refer to how often Friends meet to consider matters of business. Friends generally have weekly "meetings for worship," usually on Sunday (traditionally called First-day) and sometimes also mid-week. In some areas, a Monthly Meeting may include two or more groups -- called particular, preparative or village meetings -- which meet for worship in different locations.

Monthly Meetings, in turn, are usually part of a Yearly Meeting. The Yearly Meeting serves, in the secular sense, as the highest authority for matters of discipline and administrative responsibility. There are also -- mainly in the U.S. or originating in the American style of Quakerism -- three umbrella groups that include multiple Yearly Meetings: Friends General Conference, Friends United Meeting, and Evangelical Friends International. These vary in the degree to which they expect Monthly and Yearly Meetings to conform in matters of religious doctrine and interpretation.

In some parts of the Society of Friends, the word "Church" is used to refer to groups of Friends, both at the local and national level. They will more typically include the elements of "programmed" worship found in American Protestant denominations -- a preacher, music, an order of service, etc.
Bill Samuel has written several articles for people interested in finding Friends' meetings and churches on the web and locally, and about the differences between different sorts of Friends.
Finding North American Friends Meetings and Churches
Finding Friends Meetings and Churches using the Internet
Friends Yearly Meetings and Broader Bodies on the Internet
Organization of the Society of Friends

See also: Quaker Finder
Friends General Conference's online search for the meetings closest to any town or zip code in the U.S. Includes meetings from FGC-affiliated and independent (Beanite) Yearly Meetings.

Also: A short fractured history of Friends in America
Summary of splits and reconciliations in the Society of Friends in America, with links to other relevant webpages.

Quakerism began in the north of England, and from there spread to other parts of England, to Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, and to the English settlements in North America and the Caribbean, as well as to parts of northern Europe. London Yearly Meeting (now Britain Yearly Meeting) was the first and for several decades the only "Yearly Meeting" that brought Friends together annually to consider matters of common interest.

Today, Friends are found in nearly all parts of the world -- in organized numbers mainly in the English-speaking world and parts of Europe, and with some fairly large groups in parts of East Africa and Latin America. Over the centuries, many Yearly Meetings have developed; some overlap geographically, particularly in the U.S.

Yearly Meetings and regional groupings

Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC)
A world organization that brings Friends together from different parts of the world and various religious tendencies, within each world region and for triennial world conferences.
See also: Africa
  • Burundi Yearly Meeting
  • Central & Southern Africa Yearly Meeting
  • Ghana: Hill House Monthly Meeting
  • Kenya (FUM listing):
    • Bware Yearly Meeting
    • East Africa YM (Kaimosi)
    • East Africa YM (North)
    • East Africa YM (South)
    • Elgon Religious Society of Friends (West)
    • Nairobi Yearly Meeting
  • Also in Kenya :
    • Central Yearly Meeting
    • Elgon (East) YM
    • Kakamega Yearly Meeting
    • Lugavi Yearly Meeting
    • Malava Yearly Meeting
    • Nandi Yearly Meeting
    • Vokoli Yearly Meeting
  • Tanzania:
    • Pemba Yearly Meeting
    • Tanzania Yearly Meeting
  • Uganda
    • Evangelical Friends Church Uganda (FUM listing)
    • Uganda Yearly Meeting (per FWCC)
Asia and West Pacific Europe and the Middle East
Latin America & Caribbean
  • Bolivia (see articles 1 & 2):
  • Costa Rica: Monteverde Monthly Meeting
  • Cuba Yearly Meeting
  • Guatemala: Amigos Santidad
  • Guatemala: Embajadores
  • Honduras Yearly Meeting
  • Jamaica Yearly Meeting
  • Mexico General Meeting
  • Peru: La Iglesia Nacional Evangelica Los Amigos (INELA)
U.S. & Canada

Conservative Yearly Meetings
Evangelical Friends International (EFI)
Evangelical Friends Church, by Region
  • Central Yearly Meeting
Friends United Meeting (FUM)
Friends General Conference (FGC)
Yearly Meetings affiliated with both FGC and FUM Unaffiliated (Beanite) Yearly Meetings (See also the Western Quaker Network site)

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