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General introductions and help

The advice to look at existing pages for ideas is a good one, but often they don't say how. In Netscape, at least, you can view "Document Source" from the "View" menu. Then it's a matter of learning to interpret what you see. Luckily, there are some sites that give at least an overview.

For starters, here are a few good sites:

I got these out of IDG Books' Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 3.2, by Ed Tittle and James Stewart. At $15 it's the best guide I could find to HTML coding. The on-line stuff is good for ideas, but it's nice to have a reference book beside the keyboard while you're coding.

A few more helpful links:

Examples of Interesting Ideas

A few interesting pages are replicated here, in their essentials, as examples of what you can find by exploring.
  • Cool effect The Christian Scientists have a web page using a one-celled table with borders for a fun effect, used in these pages a few times.
  • Two-column text The London Rainbow Tribe has adopted an approach that makes it fairly easy to read chunks of text on screen. Requires short paragraphs, though...
  • Refreshing Corporate Watch's site gives you a look at their logo, before moving you on to their main page.


Miscelaneous links:

And here's a .GIF graphic I picked up somewhere. You can include it with backgrounds to see what contrasts you'll get with different colors of text, links, etc.:

Getting Connected

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